For reasons that it is not exactly ok for me to go into on this blog, I am a smidge unhappy today. So, this post is going to be a short and sweet one.

Yesterday (pre-unhappy mood) I got to go to the final game of the State of Origin series (if you don’t live in Australia, it is the BIGGEST event in Rugby League… even more important than the Grand FInal! Basically, NSW and QLD get to play three games against each other, best of three takes the shield for the year. It is one of the most intense, physical experiences in the game!). Sure, we lost, which is always a downer, but it was a good fun experience!

Here are the very few happy snaps I took (excuse the quality… I didn’t have my camera, so again shonky phone photos!).

I’ll bet those Queenslanders are scared now!!!

One of the people who went with us is a nurse, so she brought along a great big stack of blue surgeon’s caps for us to wear if we couldn’t get wigs. Since we had wigs, these boys were good sports and wore them proudly!

Great times!


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