I didn’t even realise until well afterwards that yesterday I broke the 100 posts mark. I guess it is something to be proud of!

There has been a lot of discussion over the last couple of days about why people blog, whether it is worthwhile blogging, and all that sort of thing. The conversation was started over at BBB, where I think he is getting tired and frustrated with people leaving negative comments and putting people down. It is a hard feeling to deal with when you put effort into a post, just to have people try to bring it down. I have also noticed that it seems to be directly proportional to the amount of effort that you put into a post. I swear it sometimes feels like you spend hours on a post, looking up information and trying to explain your ideas clearly, and something goes wrong somewhere along the way and people either ignore it or leave negative ‘feedback’.

I am lucky compared to BBB in the fact that I am basically unknown – while I am not free to say completely stupid things obviously, I can get away with letting my opinion fly without masses of people bagging out what I say. The more of an audience you have though, the more room there is for disagreement, and for intelligent conversation to go out the window (Thank goodness I just have my half a dozen intelligent readers!…. and Kalf, but he doesn’t count) in the flood of comments and opinions which come streaming out of people.
I guess people need to keep a few things in mind when they are commenting on someone’s blog. The person who is on the other side of the internet, writing away, is a PERSON. Have a peep at their about page occasionally. These are just people who are trying, for whatever reason, to say what they think in an entertaining manner. They do not deserve to be insulted, or to have the quality of their work put down because you happen to disagree with what they say. This is not to say that you can not disagree with them by any means! However, you should always try to disagree in a way which is respectful, and for heaven’s sake back up your argument with some hard evidence! *That’s the historian in me coming out*

Oh, and why do I blog? Well, I never originally thought to be honest that many people would read what I write. Everyone who knows me knows that I find it next to impossible to shut up, and this just gives me another forum to voice my opinion incredibly loudly, and have some fun while I am at it. I also thought it would be great to get involved in the blogging community, and hopefully also get to meet some new people through my blog. So far, I think it has been going pretty well. So there will be another 100 posts at least to come!

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  1. Is well said. Bear’s a real decent guy, and he sure didn’t deserve some of the junk what got thrown out in some of them comments.

    And grats on dinging 100!

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