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Illidan Versus The Snowy Northrend

So, Illidan told us we were not prepared for Burning Crusade. That we had no idea what was lying in store for us, out in that mysterious world called ‘Outland’. To some extent, he was right (of course, I venture that Sillydan was even less prepared for us!) The first foray through the portal was literally like venturing into a new world, one completely unlike that which we had seen in Azeroth. Under a many mooned sky, we bravely killed strange creatures from an even stranger land, combating them as well as the contagious insanity of NPC’s who had been stranded in this forsaken land for just a little too long.

Will our first forays into Northrend feel the same? Already anticipation is building – I look at the screenshots in wonder at the beautiful landscapes Blizzard has produced, and marvel at the ice and snow (did I ever mention I am a winter freak?). I sometimes wonder if it will feel the same as when Burning Crusade began….

Here is the point where I best come out with ‘the truth’. The awful truth is – I wasn’t playing WoW when Burning Crusade came out. At that point I was a mere level 40ish Warlock, abandoned and lonely somewhere around Stranglethorn Vale while her master went off to persue real life goals (This is back in the day when I had a darn good figure because I went to the gym every day!) I missed the ‘excitement’ of fighting people for kills, repeated deaths doing the world PvP quest… When I first set foot into Outland, Burning Crusade had been out for a long time, and the area was deserted. I was lucky enough to have a levelling partner for a couple of levels while a friend worked on their alt, but he soon zoomed ahead of me, and I was left to trudge through Outland alone. Defenseless against those nasty pigs, looking at me like I was a nice, tasty snack. So my experience of the Burning Crusade is vastly different to the one I will have of Wrath.

However, some of the concerns that people are having still apply to me now I guess. I just can not compare and contrast with the advent of Burning Crusade, so what is new to me is old hat to you.

One of the major concerns for me in Wrath is how I will go about levelling two, or possibly three characters (depending on how motivated I am to level my priest!). I think it really is a major decision. Do you level your main, racing along with everyone else, and then bring your alts up behind them? Or do you try and level all of your characters concurrently, and try your best to not fall behind other characters? Personally I think I will focus on my main, but try to bring my alts up not far behind her so that I do have the ‘trifecta’ and can slip into most any role where necessary. I could never abandon Sar, and she has always been my main focus. I am especially looking forward to finding which way her character will go in the expansion. Will warlocks revert back to their pre BC orientation of support class, being the best debuffers in the game? Or will they retain their post BC incarnation, being damage dealers of immense power, valued in raids for their damage output and various ‘stones’. With my alts, I really haven’t been playing them long enough to get a huge interest in what they will be doing in Wrath. I am still trying to learn exactly what they are doing now!

Another consideration is how to level your characters. Will I respec out of my beloved Destro spec? I KNOW that Destruction is incredibly weak for levelling, I have been there and done that. However, it will be immensely difficult for me to leave Destruction and consider a Demonology build. I will forever be missing my immense Shadow Bolts. I have also basically never been anything other than Destruction (I was Affliction until level 15, and I have made incredibly brief forays into other specs at 70 – these weird happenings generally don’t last any longer than a day). This consideration affects people in every class. Will healers stay as healers, or change to their various damage dealing specs? Will prot warriors and paladins respec? While these roles will always be in demand for instances, they will be less efficient soloers. Of course, with my propensity to grouping anyway, the odds are I will be doing much of my levelling through instances.

The thing that I am most looking forward to though? A new cinematic! Yes, yes, it’s lame, but I am sure I have mentioned this before – I just adore Blizzard’s cinematics. They always make me feel so excited about playing the game, and occasionally bring a tear to my eye (or make me laugh sometimes!).

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9 Responses to “You are not prepared!”
  1. You need to stick to what you’re happy with. And yes destruction can be hard to level with, I kept mine on destruction because I was by myself most of the time. And it is very powerful once you hit level 60+. Afflic (in my opinion) is more for pvp and demon I was never interested in. At least with my spec in destruction I know I can hold my own, ya know?

    Wish I was on your realm, I’d help you. :-(

    P.S. I leveled my main first and now I have 3 or 4 alts I am trying to bring up at the same time.

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  2. Yes, I have to agree, Destruction is simply the best spec for warlocks out there *deflects incoming rotten eggs from all the un-hip Aff and Demon locks*. For this reason, I am thinking I wont change my spec for Wrath, unless I feel like experimenting a little!

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  3. While I don’t have a lock of my own, I do have a very good friend who’s main is a lock.
    Destro is fantastic for raids, both damage done and raid utility.

    But nothing, nothing, beats the ease of leveling/grinding with an Affliction lock, except a BM hunter ofc :)

    So try Aff before you dismiss it as not your thing. Sure you’ll be doing lower dmg bolts and killing mobs becomes a little more complex. However if bolts with large crits are your thing, reroll a mage tbh :D

    Solidstates last blog post..Tanking BF

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  4. Ah, I don’t mind Aff… have been there and done that a little, but I just can’t get into the whole slow damage thing. I do love my shadow bolts! As for mages… well…. I’m just not a mage sort of girl I guess. I like being evil!

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  5. 1-day forays into other specs certainly do not give enough time to learn to play and appreciate them.

    I’ve been affli specced (love the dots, weak on trash though), demo specs (love the nukes, boring gameplay though)… next up: demo, then maybe fire destru.

    It usually takes me 3-4 instances, and a bit of thinking/reading, before playing a new spec well…. plus, you’ve often got to redo the gems/enchants.

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  6. Allow me a little license here Toy, why don’t ya? ;) When I say a day, I do mean a bit longer generally speaking (managed to stay Affliction for almost a month once… Demon never lasts me quite as long for some reason, couple of weeks tops. Most respecs, I will admit, are now a one week affair – Arena spec mid week, raid spec weekend). As my gear stands at the moment straight out Affliction is not an option, because I would have to replace several pieces (the robe for one!).

    Fire spec can be good fun, although it is much more viable with a decent haste set (ensuring that you can use Conflagrate without the GCD killing you). So far I don’t have enough haste gear to make it truly satisfying for me. If you are in a group with a fire mage, then it can truly work wonders.

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  9. Shadwfire says:

    I completely understand where you are coming from. I have a 0/17/44 build right now and am a fire lock i have been thinking lately if i would respec back to demo when wrath comes out, the answer is propably the idea of metamorphasis turns me on. I have been playing since about6 months before tbc released, and have had my unlearn talent cost at 50g since i hit 60 2 weeks brfore it released.i have spent alot of time as all three specs and affliction is nice because with siphon life,instant cast HoT(howl), and drain life, affliction is great to pull 3-4 mobs at a time, Demo is awesome because well your pets get fantastic buffs, and you get a crap load of stam and int buffs as well as buffs to your spell damage and , destro is….well destro is destro if you like to take on a couple of mobs and then wasting time and money on drinking after every battle, then sure destro is ok but the best thing for leveling/quests its demon i will be speccing back when wrath comes out.

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