As you all know, Sar has come to a bit of a crossroads in her progression. Recently, I was also informed that the guild’s raid times have been changed to an earlier start, which means that it is going to be increasingly difficult for me to make raids on time (since it translates to raid starts being at 11.30am for me, and that is really not practical). So, I have 4 options:

  1. Quit raiding and go back to casual 5 manning and Kara-ing: Not especially appealing to do on Sar, because I can do this on Hermia with much more satisfaction.
  2. Try and make raids: I CAN plausibly make the required raids, but it means that I need to commit hours during the day which I would rather spend doing ‘real life stuff’
  3. Look for a new guild: There are two guilds on Cenarius that raid hours which are fantastic for me (WipE and Demons Downunder). Both of these guilds also have good reputations on Cenarius, so it would certainly not be a matter of the only available guilds being filled with asshats.
  4. Find an alternative to raiding: Start focusing on arena or battlegrounds on Saresa, or make Hermia my main.

Point number 3 is a difficult one a couple of reasons. I am an exceedingly shy person, and I do have trouble getting to know new people. Being in raids with people I do not know makes me nervous, and when I am nervous I make a lot of silly mistakes. This is hardly ideal when you are trying to make a good impression on new guildmates! Also, I have perhaps an extreme sense of loyalty. I feel bad for contemplating the idea of leaving the people who geared me up and helped me along!

So, for now, i think I have settled for point number 4. This means that I am going to spend a bit of time experimenting with different arena specs, but for now am leaning towards trading my cookie cutter Succy Sac spec for a cookie cutter SL/SL spec (because I will be doing 2v2 battles with Kalf, our friendly neighbourhood resto druid). Of course, because I am a total noob at PvP, I am happy to hear tips from some friendly arena lovers out there!

So, instead of working hard for the loot, I will be working hard for the glory! I am not focusing on gear here, instead on just honing my skills and learning something along the way. Perhaps being a bit inventive and creative and coming up with different ways of killing suckers some other undoubtedly nice people. I will certainly keep you all posted.

P.S. My sister is watching Sex and the City… again. She purchased all six seasons, and is currently half way through. I am going insane. Save me!

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4 Responses to “Working Hard for the Glory”
  1. I think I’m in the same boat you are. I’ve not been able to go raiding beyond Karazhan, but looking for a new guild is not something I look forward to. For now, I’ve settled with battlegrounds and am hoping it will keep me busy for some time.

    From one PvP noob to another, don’t try to chase down that one person. Stay behind the frontlines. If you’re close enough to them, you’ll get all the HKs anyway. It’s easier to get honor when you’re not dead. Find a battleground you enjoy (AB for me) instead of hopping around and do that one the most. It’ll make your PvP experience more enjoyable.

    Loronars last blog post..No Screenshots, But It Happened!

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  2. Guild switching is hard, but I’m sure you’ll make a good decision.

    PvP- ugh. Lol.

    I’m sorry about your sister, steal them…then bury them in the backyard after shooting them repeatedly.

    Demonetras last blog post..Bloopers

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  3. I will certainly keep your advice in mind Loronar! I have to admit I am lazy… In BG’s I will quite often volunteer for defense, knowing that it is hardly as much work as offense, and hey, someone has to do it!

    Demonetra, that is simply a wonderful idea. I think I might go get them now. If my dog chews on em a bit as well, so much the better. I swear, I must be one of the only females in the world who detests Sex and the City!

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  4. Noo, definitely not the only one. Hate that entire series with a passion.

    Netras last blog post..Bloopers

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