Today when I was over at WoW Insider, I was reading the ‘Reader UI of the Week‘ page. Go over there now and have a peek at Babyshotta’s beautiful, glorious, tidy UI.

Glances at watch… oh, you are back? Cool beans!

The first thing I did was snicker a little at the ‘cramped 17″ screen’. Only because I am jealous, and play on a 15″.4 widescreen laptop. Talk about squooshy! So, my UI is perhaps a little cluttered. Or a lot cluttered. Doesn’t help that I like things nice and big, because I am as blind as a bat.

So, here is my UI of the week – Sar’s Super Scrambled Screen!!

I know my family often look over at my UI and ask where the heck I am! My mother often expresses confusion (what are you actually watching when you do this?… and then I point to just about everything BUT myself and what I am killing in the middle of the screen). But hey, it works for me, and i pretty much know where all the buttons are (although they are in a bit of a kerfuffle at the moment because I just rearranged everything when I respecced for arena and haven’t put it all back properly). Who says a cluttered UI can’t be successful?

…Oh, and can you spot what’s broken?? Darn Blizz buffs still showing up. I suspect downloading the new version of CT Buff Mod may remedy that actually *adds to my to-do list*.

P.S. Just because I like to brag!!

4 Responses to “Tidy UI?… Meh”
  1. wow… just wow…

    how do you look out for fires in which you must not stand?

    i thought my UI was busy, but damn…

    have you tried grid? it would save you a lot of room in raid frames… also, you can configure Omen to only show you and the tank, so you know how you’re doing on aggro, but not take a third of your screen…

    ever since i changed my UI to something cleaner i die a lot less…

    Anglachels last blog post..Back to the Valley

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  2. I have looked at Grid, but I find it too small :) As for Omen, I tend to keep an eye on other people in the raid, and I like to see where other tanks are (I’m a control freak, must know where everyone is hehe).

    Seeing things to not stand in is a bit of a pickle occasionally, but I generally do OK (except for void reaver… I have so much trouble spotting orbs!)

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  3. That is cluttered, hee. That makes my screenshot look super-minimalist. However, I have an equally busy screenshot from my forays into 25-mans a while back (when I was still healing on a German server).

    But hey, if it works for you, that’s what matters. Will only make you appreciate a larger screen you upgrade to eventually even more. ;)

    Kadomis last blog post..Crushing blows and you

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  4. Good Goth!
    Sar, how in the name of all that’s holy can you see what the heck is going on…lol
    We really REALLY need to look at getting you a PC, with a nice 22″ Widescreen LCD or something… sheesh… :)

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