“Nothing works quite like the Lynx Links Effect!”

Well, you can see the results for yourselves!

Thanks to all the new visitors, as well as Matticus for linking me! I hope I see at least some of you around again. I will certainly keep you posted about how my numbers stand in a couple of weeks, it is always interesting from a blogger’s standpoint to observe the effect of linking on a major website.

2 Responses to “The Links Effect”
  1. You’re welcome. I hope this will help serve as motivation for you to keep writing and blogging. ;)

    Matticuss last blog post..13 Things Every WoW Player Should Know How to Do

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  2. Haha congrats on the epic views! I’m still in the “Woot 10 visits yesterday!” stage. =P Or I guess I could make my blog better…

    Nic Ws last blog post..Updates

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