So, TJ linked this video today (in the chat which we are not supposed to talk about, so I didn’t mention it, OK? K cool). When I saw it, I immediately thought of a story which my mother always tells about my little sister and I…

I am only one and a half years older than my sister. My mother can be one of those paranoid types, and she had heard all sorts of stories about older siblings resenting the new addition to the family and doing all sorts of nasty things. So, throughout the end of the pregnancy and the first couple of months of my sister’s life, I was always told “Don’t hurt the baby! Be gentle with the baby! No really loud noises around the baby!” I guess this sounds like a pretty good policy – no one wants me hurting the baby, right?

Well, one day I was sitting with my little sister while my mum was doing some stuff round the house. You know, dishes and things. Since it was all fairly quiet, everything seemed to be OK. Then she walked out into the loungeroom, and there was me, sitting on the floor next to my sister, while she was enthusiastically tugging on my hair. I had tears running down my face… but I just sat there. Why? Because I wasn’t allowed to hurt the baby! I didn’t want to hurt her making her let go of my hair!

Of course, my mum finds this hilarious. I tell you, the stuff that they put me through as a child…


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