Yay, the 2.4.3 patch notes are up. While there’s lots of exciting things for everyone, I am just going to focus on the warlock related stuff. Sorry my image is so small, narrow columns and all that!

The most important one in my opinion is the removal of Curse of Shadows, and the adding of it’s effects to Curse of Elements. I have to admit, I am somewhat suspicious of this change (yes, I am a cynic). While it will make life easier in 5man instances and raids which are low on warlocks, it just seems somewhat unusual to me to be getting something which makes our lives easier. With nothing that makes life more difficult. Hmmmm…. something to ponder!

The Summon Felsteed at 30 is also wonderful for you levelling locks out there, and brings warlocks into line with the changes to mounts. Just think – no more STV on foot!

3 Responses to “Ooooh shiny new patch notes!”
  1. Well…crap. Gonna have to change my webpage…hehe. Don’t you wish we would have been able to summon our felsteeds at 30? Would have been nice.

    And I agree, I wonder what they may nerf since they are changing it up a bit again.

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  2. Totally agree about your suspicions… I feel like my attention is being pulled in one way so that rogue can sneak around for the backstab…



    I propose a heightened state of extreme vigilance!

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  3. That’s it, it has been declared – warlocks on the warpath!!

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