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Cathmor challenged us to write a post about our top ten WoW memories. Now, I think it is going to be challenging for me to come up with my top ten, rank them, AND make these events interesting for other people to read. However, since I do love a challenge, I will try my best!

10 – Levelling to 70 for the second time

I think that this deserves its own little mention because I found that the process of levelling an alt was a difficult one for me. As a player who doesn’t engage well in solo play, the long grind to 70 was especially painful. So when it was all over, I cheered!

9 – My first ever epic

Athough my first epic was awfully ‘cheap’ and nasty, it was still my first. And I was excited. So zip it about the non-epicness of my Seal of the Exorcist!

8 – My first raid with Arcis

My first raid with Arcis was simply wonderful. Everyone was very nice and friendly, and I scored a great first ever drop: Cord of Screaming Terrors

7 – Getting my imp Dagpep

There still is nothing more exciting in my mind when it comes to levelling a warlock than getting your first pet, seeing what his name will be, and dragging his poor sorry behind with you around Azeroth. poor Dagpep, he has been through so much – no wonder he curses my name when I summon him!

6 – Levelling tailoring to 375

I levelled my tailoring up properly well after I hit 70 – I was far too cheap and lazy while I was levelling to do it, and had incredibly poor gold management skills, so I could never afford the mats. With a great deal of help from friends and guildmates, I finally got there, and crafted my full Frozen Shadoweave Set!

5 – The Five Man Ironman

I have written a post about this before, really not much to be said!

4 – My first raid – Karazhan

My first foray into Karazhan was a fun filled adventure with nine other guildies, some of us experiencing our first ‘real’ raid. We successfully downed Attumen after a couple of tries, and spent the next few weeks butting our heads against Moroes. Great times!

3 – Hitting 70 on Saresa

Your first ever 70 is a pretty big deal. I was so excited to be the same level as all my friends, and to be able to play with the ‘big boys’ (and Girls!) now.

2 – Creating this Blog

OK, so technically it’s kinda cheating, since it isn’t a WoW moment as such. However, if it weren’t for WoW, I wouldn’t have this blog, and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy writing and talking with fellow players.

1 – The moment I realised I had found a home in Dying Breed

Finding a group of friends who accepted who I was, liked who I was, and got along with was simply the most wonderful part of World of Warcraft. I would even say that these people are more than my friends now – they are like members of my family.

Most of my favourite memories in World of Warcraft are to do with people. To me, WoW is people (a mantra I have said here many times). The reason I continue to play is the people. I love all of my friends in WoW as much as I value my friends in real life.

Close Runners Up

Venturing into a series of Arena Battles equipped with a Fishing Rod (total accident, I assure you… but hilarious).

Random fun with a couple of friends wiping on world dragons. Repeatedly.

Speaking of World Dragons – the massive failed raid against the dragon in Darkshire. He pwned masses of us – yet we kept going back for more!


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