As you all know, I recently (as in yesterday) got back into the arena side of things. And I did awesomely, with a grand total of 2 wins and 10 losses on my 2v2, and 2 wins, 8 losses on my 3v3. What can I say, I am an arena star!

Anyway, arenaing naturally leads one to look at the gear that you dream of getting, but know you will never attain when you are a total scrub like myself. I knew this before, but doing more arena reminded me of an old gripe that I have had: Warlock Sets.

Why is it that Blizzard deems it appropriate for Warlocks to have two sets for PvP, but only one set for PvE? I have always been jealous of those classes who get more than one set for different specs. I want lots of shiny Tier pieces! I want to be able to take a token for ‘off set’ over and over. Of course, you may argue that there isn’t as much differentiation between Warlock specs as there is, say, Warrior specs. You would be right. I would argue, however, that there is enough differentiation between Warlock specs to warrant more than one set.

For argument’s sake, let us look at the existing sets. In arena, there are two Warlock sets for each season, and these work around two very basic principles.

1. A Damage/Crit set: Obviously for our pewpew Warlocks!

2. A Damage set: Higher spell damage than the Damage/Crit set, this is aimed at our feardotdot Warlocks.

This works quite well, as it allows people to gear to their spec. For instance, because I am of the feardotdot school of PvP Warlocks, I will aim for pieces which are straight spell damage. Crit for DoTs, as we all know, is useless (DoTs don’t crit!)

Then, on the other hand, we have the PvE sets.

Tier 4: Voidheart Raiment: The Voidheart set I believe is fairly balanced across the board. The two set bonus is my favourite bonus across all sets, and is useful for anyone. Plus damage always makes me smile! The 4 set bonus is great for Affliction locks, but useful for most every spec. At this gear level, I believe most shadow mage specced locks would still be using Immolate. If you are not, then the 4 set bonus is clearly useless.

VERDICT: Across the board, leaning towards Affliction.

Tier 5: Corruptor Raiment: The two set bonus here is out and out demonology. In particular, it’s a total waste for shadow mages like myself, as I do not have a pet. The four set bonus is also craptacular for shadow mages, but is nice for Affliction locks and some Demonology locks (especially any locks with insta Corruption). It would also be great for Fire Locks.

VERDICT: Demonology is favoured, Affliction and Fire Locks do well out of the 4 set bonus, and Shadow Mages are left hung out to dry.

Tier 6: Malefic Raiment: The two set bonus again favours Affliction, Demonology, and Fire Locks. Shadow mages who don’t use DoTs (or use limited DoTs) gain no benefit from this. However, the four set bonus is again fantastic for all classes. More plus damage? Yes please!

VERDICT: Realistically, great for all classes. However, the 2 set bonus is not especially great for shadow mages. However, on fights where healing was a foreseen issue, I am sure it wouldn’t be hard to whack up a DoT or two.

Clearly the set bonuses tend to favour one spec over another for each set. However, the itemisation of the raid sets is also a concern in my opinion. I believe that there should be a choice between gear that has crit on it, and gear that has more damage and no crit. At the bare minimum those two options should be present. Not all warlocks want crit. We are already able to select non-crit based weapons, why should we be stuck with essentially ‘useless’ crit on gear? If our PvPing brethren can choose between crit and damage based gear, then our PvE friends should be able to as well. It would also mean warlocks no longer felt they ‘had’ to spec a certain way because that is the way the gear pushes us. Is it just me who thinks this would be more fair?

Edit: I know the links aren’t to the sets, and I apologise. I thought it would be more beneficial to have the Wowhead mouse overs of an individual piece to show the set bonuses. Apologies for any inconvenience!

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