I am so lazy. I’ll admit it. I suffer from excessive amounts of laziness, so much so that I will put more effort into NOT doing something than it would take to do it. Not sure if that even makes sense. Now, this issue with laziness is unfortunately also turning me into a hypocrite. This just will not do! I don’t mind being thought of as lazy, but I do object to being thought of as a hypocrite. So…

I am going to make more of an effort to comment on other blogger’s posts. You have all seen how many of these blogs I subscribe to. (Actually, there’s about ten more now, I am a glutton!) However, since I do read these in a reader, not on the actual page, I generally am far too lazy to comment. This would mean I’d need to open even MORE tabs! I already have multiple tabs open! So I generally only comment if something really strikes a chord with me.

I think that this makes me a bad member of the blogging community. Especially when there are bloggers out there who really go to the effort to comment on other people’s writing (especially mine, thanks guys!). I often experience this weird feeling of rejection when I have a post with no comments. Maybe that post was really boring! Maybe it told people something they already know, or something that no one cares about! A post without comments is almost like an unloved, ill fed child. My poor posts!

So I am going to try and be a more active member of the community. I am going to write comments on people’s posts. Even a small ‘great post, I liked it!’ might be appreciated here and there. It will be hard for me to break my lazy habits, but I am sure it can be done. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good for you!

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  2. I lamented “I don’t understand my comments” one day in BA chat, after what I thought was a thought provoking post got no comments, and something that was silly and took far less time was bombarded with them.

    Matticus told me then “Leave room for Comments.” His basic point was, leave an opener at the bottom of your post that makes your readers feel like they are engaged in a conversation.

    At the time I thought this was sage advice, now after various efforts at integrating this feedback I KNOW it’s great advice.

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  3. It’s not so hard…really it isn’t. :)

    I think we all want feedback of some kind (yes, we prefer positive feedback, but constructive works too!). And look…you’ve already received two comments here!

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  4. I just started blogging, i know how it feels to be comment-less. Good luck!

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  5. Thanks guys :) And yes, I do love my constructive feedback as well Kest – I don’t mind having my mistakes pointed out to me (heaven knows I make enough of them!)

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  6. One thing I like to do is set a minimum of comments to do on a daily basis. Start off with maybe 5 comments a day and work your way from there. Don’t feel obligated to have to comment on everything you read. Look for ways to add on to what the author is writing about.

    On the other hand, if you feel your comment is lengthy, you can opt to make an actual post out of it instead and take out two birds with a proverbial stone.

    Matticuss last blog post..Introducing the Drama Advisory System

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