*Pulls out self-flagellation whip* I took a day off. I am a lazy and horrible excuse for a blogger. Please feel free to punish me with the most dreaded of blogger happenings – meaningless spam! *Puts away whip*

K, so now that that’s done with, let me fill you in with the events that occurred yesterday. I know I should have possibly put up a ‘Sorry, won’t be in today, keep yourselves entertained by making one of these awesome voidwalker doorhangers instead of reading!’ Shame on me, shame. However, I WAS busy at work trying to improve my self hosted version of the blog. It is still not near completion, but it is a darn sight closer than it was before, and I am working hard on the colour scheme at this very moment. Unfortunately, I suffer from a slight case of perfectionist-ism (I am sure there is a real word for this somewhere, but I can not think of it!) so it might take a little longer.

Then I decided to treat myself with a football game after all that hard work, so I made the trip to Sydney (well, my mother drove, I vegetated in the back of the car) and watched my team play an awesome game. ‘Twas excellent indeed.

So, there was no post love. None whatsoever. To compensate, I might make an attempt at ‘live blogging’ my raid tonight. I can see this as being fraught with problems, so I make no promises. Computer crashes, the fact that raiding can sometimes be a wee bit boring for those who aren’t in there, and general laziness may conspire to make this a non happening. In that case, I’ll… um… yeah. I’ll do something.

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  1. Nah no need to stone you or deathcoil or tabseedtabseed you. Everyone needs a day. :-) That sounds like fun!

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