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I mentioned before that I treated myself to a trip to the football the other day. Usually when I go to the football I come home in a happy mood (especially when my team wins!). The other day though, I was feeling just a touch angry and depressed as we drove home, because I let someone else’s poor attitude and sportsmanship get to me.

Why would I be bothered by this? Usually people who are just poor sports irritate me, but I just forget about them and get on with it. This time though, the attitude came from a child who looked to be about the same age as my little brother (so 11-12). He supported the team who lost that day, and clearly was displeased with both the result and the happy expressions of the fans of the winning team as we walked out of the stadium. As we were walking down the road, he began screaming profanities at everyone about us, the team, and various sexual acts which he invited us to do to one another. Somewhat irritating and disgusting from a child, but I could deal with that.

Two women must have said something to him about his behaviour, and he then retaliated by insulting them directly. These women were admittedly somewhat large, but there was no need for the boy to directly attack them through their size (with comments along the lines of ‘Why don’t you go to Weight Watchers?!?’). Again, I was pretty disgusted, but this wouldn’t get to me too much.

What happened next though really made me mad. His father was walking right behind him, and instead of kicking his kid fair up the backside like my parents would have done to me, he gave him a pat on the head and congratulated him! Then tagged along cheering when the boy took it further by running across to the two women and started heckling them as they tried to walk to their car.

Whatever happened to responsible parenting? What ever happened to encouraging your children to respect other people, to be a good sport when you lose? I know that people like this are the exception rather than the rule, but I swear it is becoming more prevalent every day. I am at a total loss as to how we are supposed to respond to this as well – I certainly was hesitant to challenge the father, since he looked as if he regularly indulged in (and won) brawls, and while I am not overly tiny, he was MUCH larger than me. I am not sure what the solution is here, but clearly something needs to be done.


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