Once again, this is something that I (and many other bloggers) have commented on recently. We are at a point in the game where progression is starting to wane for both extremes of the progression continuum. People who are towards the end of their progression (or what would be termed a reasonable end) – this covers all sorts of people ‘gear wise’, whether you be the person in the guild that can’t quite crack Sunwell or the guild who can’t quite field enough men for Gruul’s but has had Kara on farm for months – and people who don’t have the gear to even get started raidwise are all experiencing difficulties in feeling motivated to play their characters.

I myself am in the somewhat unenviable position of having to experience both of these things at the same time. Of course, there are solutions to these issues, but the solutions do not always feel good. Sometimes the solutions are worse than the problems!

First off we will take a look at Saresa. Sar has just about reached the point where it is evident that her guild is not really going to progress any further. I am usually reluctant to make these sorts of claims, but in this case, it is obvious. Other people have come to this conclusion much earlier than I, and already jumped ship. Officially, of course, different reasons were cited “I have issues with some people who have been recruited into the guild”. “There is a conflict between the goals of the leadership and myself”. “I just don’t enjoy it anymore”. While all of these reasons are true, do you want to know what I put it down to?


That nasty lady Vashj is oft referred to as a guild maker or a guild breaker. In this case, it’s clearly the latter. Far be it from me to question the motivation of some people, but guess what, that’s what I am going to do anyway. If you happen to be reading this, /wave, hope you are doing well. Of course, I don’t think anyone on Cenarius reads me. They certainly don’t recognise me! If they did, there would be so many people saying ‘You know that Sar chick? The one who blogs? She is such a total NOOB! Who would read what she writes!?!’ hehe. Anyway, as usual, I digress.

Back to Vashj. Well, our experience of Vashj. As you all no doubt know, Vashj is a tough fight. I have only ever heard one person say to me “Vashj? She’s easy!” Just about everything he says I don’t listen to anyway, because a) I am a total cow occasionally, I’ll admit it and b) This guy’s only experience of Vashj would happen to possibly be in a pug. Now, if he says Vashj is easy, he was lucky enough I guess to get into a pug that knows what they are doing, and have done her before. Vashj is not EASY. Vashj takes massive amounts of co-ordination. Vashj takes practice. Vashj takes a dedicated core of raiders showing up, week after week, to learn the fight and practice it to do their job well.

The issues our guild had I think arose from the fact that we were spoilt. We cruised our way through Serpentshrine Cavern like there was no tomorrow! All of a sudden, we were at 5/6! How the heck did that happen? Then, when we tried Vashj, we all collapsed like a pack of cards. We simply were not used to hours on end of wiping. Some people really didn’t like to learn. Some wanted to learn TOO much, and got into arguments over strats. This resulted in raid fatigue and general stroppiness. It only takes a small handful of discontented people to poison the well, and thats what happened. Soon EVERYONE was stroppy and discontented. Eventually Vashj had to be abandoned. She was causing too many issues.

By this time though, the damage was done. People were bailing on us like there was no tomorrow. Fun forays into Hyjal did nothing to remedy the problem. So, here were are in our current situation. Having to recruit like crazy to maintain numbers. Recruitment also equals training and gearing. This means going back over farm content repeatedly. Your experienced raiders start to get bored, and look for greener pastures. It’s a never ending cycle.

SO, because of ALL this, Sar is in a rut. In all reality, I can not see our guild progressing much further than 3/5 MH before WotLK. Hopefully we sneak a little BT in there. However, most of the time we raid the same old same old each and every week. It does get a little dull. Gearwise, she is stuck. Content wise, I am starting to get bored out of my brain. Especially frustrating is that we are not even attempting bosses very often who drop everyone’s main concern – T5! Now that many mains are bringing in undergeared alts fulltime to raids, well…. I wont ever progress.

Solutions to this – fairly simple. Look for a new guild. This is something that I am reluctant to do, because I value loyalty so highly. I find it hard to abandon the people who have brought me along so far. I would feel horrible! My second concern would be finding a guild that is a good fit. I can be an annoying person. I talk at a million miles per hour, sometimes I forget to push in my tact button, and I am incredibly opinionated. However, I do bring enthusiasm, dedication, and what I believe is a very caring person. And this sounds like an advertisement (Hire a Caring Sar! Bakes cookies! LOTS of cookies!).

The other option is to continue what I am doing and suck it up. Sigh. Sucking it up is getting to be like sucking up one of those super thick McDonald’s milkshakes. So much work! And you get hardly any milkshake! Sure, when you taste it it’s great… but so much work!

Poor Hermia is stuck waaaaay down the other end of the continuum. A tank? In blues? OMG you have a couple of GREENS? Eeeeep! Being a tank in such cridtastic gear means that it is really hard to get a group. When you do get one, often someone brings along a friend to help out (great!) in full epics (not so great). People in full epics pull mobs off noobish furballs like myself. Then they die. Then I get to feel bad! It’s not too great for the reputation when you lose aggro every two seconds! So Hermia has alot of trouble getting groups. It is especially hard when there aren’t that many upgrades in regular instances. There just doesn’t seem to be a great deal of tanking leather. Could just be me. Alot of it also has to do with my self confidence – Sar, no worries. I know how to play a lock. I have been playing one forever! Druid stuff… well, I’m still learning.

Solution to this? Well, I could move Hermia over to Arcis. There are alot of reasons why I don’t want to do that. The people in Dying Breed have helped me so much. I learned heaps from them, and they helped me out with gear, mats, runs, all sorts of things. I also don’t necessarily want to raid with Hermia. I would like a couple of Kara runs, sure, but that would be it. Learning opportunities there would be kinda slim as well, seeing as I would be getting ‘run through’ pretty much. Sigh.

I think there are alot of people out there like this. People who are in a rut. I guess they could take my solution to the problem – keep myself busy with yet more alts! Is it a short term fix? Sure is. Soon enough, those alts will hit 70 as well, and be just like Herm. Well… my priest will have a smidgen nicer gear. The issue is still the same though. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Or got a different approach or idea? I’d love to hear some feedback!!

Edit: Inspired by me doing my occasional beimba-ing on my characters. Try it!

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  1. Kalfurion says:

    You know the poor sexy tree is feeling the same.


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  2. Vain! :P but yes, very true

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  3. Definitely understand where you’re coming from. Which is why I started my ally druid got tired of doing the same things over and over and OVER. Nice change. :-)

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