So, I am sure that you have read all the changes to each of the classes already (I am a bit behind here, seeing as I got out of bed about 2 hours ago!). However, I think it is only fair that I subject you to MY view of all the fun and exciting things that Blizzard have done for us!


First and foremost, there is no plan to make any changes to shard farming as we know it. Do I have an issue with this? Heck no! I have never had an issue with farming soul shards, based on the following principles: A) Free reagents people! How can we complain about something which is ‘free’? B) As a raiding warlock, it is really not difficult to ensure that you have a sufficient amount of shards. I always try to enter a raid with 30-40 shards (I like to be prepared! I also know warlocks who go in with over 50) based on the principle that each death will cost me up to 3 shards. However, if I do run low, it’s pretty simple to farm more on trash as we go. I also know that there is NOTHING worse than that sinking feeling when you pull aggro, mash Soulshatter… and realise you have no shards. Jinkies!

However, this is not to say that I would not like to see changes to the soul shard system. First and foremost in my opinion is providing soul shard bags with an enhancement. Shard bags not helping the class in any other way is patently unfair. We are essentially forced to sacrifice a bag slot, just as hunters are. However, we do not reap any benefit from this apart from a slightly larger shard bag. Bring our bags in line with quivers!

The two announced class changes are very interesting indeed. The first of these is an ability called Demonic Circle, where we can scribe a circle in the ground and teleport back to it later. While it does sound interesting, I would really like to know more about it before I judge its viability in a PvE situation. How long does the circle last? Does it have ‘charges’, or can we only return to it once? I will admit I didn’t even consider the PvP applications initially (I just don’t think that way), but Daniel Whitcomb has that well and truly covered I believe over at WI. The only initial PvE use that I could think of was for bosses like Shade of Aran, if you were too slow/lazy to run to the outside. I suppose it could also be useful on fights like Prince, allowing you to place a circle in a common ‘safe spot’ and then zip over to it when necessary.

Demon Form is the other announced change. A Demonic Form will be the 51 point Demonology talent (makes sense, hey?), and the big news is that they will have an AoE shadowbolt ability. I am still a little dubious about this myself, and once again I really do want to know more before I make an adequate assessment. Initial impressions have me seeing this as a PvP talent, but this could change as more abilities are discussed. One major question is ‘Is it banishable?’


The changes to Druids are covered in much better depth than what I could ever aspire to across the Druid blogosphere. So, I will just say the one thing I am excited about:

Dire Cat! Huzzah!…(oh… and the Dire forms will look a little different). Dire Cat might add some viability to kitty DPS in raids (well, maybe it IS viable, and I just suck at it. Although, I was impressed with Hermia’s DPS output yesterday when she was catting it up – 480DPS! I think it’s nothing to sneeze at based on her gear!)

Other Classes

Some of the changes to other classes also are great buffs to every class (especially Shaman changes!). The two most notable ones are Shaman Totems providing a raid wide buff (as opposed to being party based), and Windfury no longer being a weapon buff (advantaging Druids and Rogues notably). Huzzah!

Best change overall: Best in show goes to the Hunters. Yay for Pet Talents!

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  1. OOhh, I’m behind too. Really now, a shadow bolt ability? Almost makes me reconsider my spec. Hrm.

    Demonetras last blog post..I’m a troublemaker

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  2. Hmmm… where ya getting this info, Sar?
    I keep reading so much, but it’d be nice to find a true source for info on WotLK… forum it or whip me off an email, kk :)

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