I am sure that you guys have noticed both the quality and quantity of my posts lately has been slipping just a tad. Since they have been, I guess I do owe a small explanation.

This last couple of weeks are basically the most stressful component of my degree up until my internship. The way my degree is structured is that we finish with a ten week internship. Because we clearly cannot attend a full lecture schedule during internship, we have two courses compressed into a two week delivery. Obviously a 14 week course compressed into 2 weeks is pretty hectic, and I am smack bang in the middle of it. So I have been spending long hours at uni every day, trying to get this course finished.

Then, I managed to catch a cold last week as well, so I am already not at my best. Hopefully it will be gone soon though!

So, basically the combination of being at uni every day, combined with the fact that all I want to do is sleep when I get home, is why things around here have been a little… odd. Not to mention the horrific experience of raiding with me when I am this sick and tired!

Let me tell you a little story about Hermia’s second foray into Gruul’s Lair the other day. She eagerly ran in, ready to take on the world, and all went well on the trash pulls. We got to HKM, sorted out the tanking assignments (once again, I got to tank Kiggler), and got into position to begin. MD’s were up, we were about to go, when… I sneezed and bumped my keyboard. Hermia went rocketing towards the mobs, pulled the lot, and wiped the group. Ouch!

So, after everyone getting super mad at me, we set up again, pulled and all was well. Now, I pulled Kiggler to where I tanked him last time I did Gruul’s (butt against the wall to avoid knockbacks) and died very very fast. Now, it was probably my fault, I got told by the healers I ran out of range. Lesson number two: just because something worked well for one group does not mean that it will work well for another!

So, we wiped again! We ran back in, set up… and once again, I managed to pull everyone through sheer stupidity. I put it down to the fact that my head was completely full of goo and I had gotten barely any sleep all week (2 hours of sleep a night is NOT healthy people!). After this though, all went well, and I managed to be normal and sane for the rest of the night. Especially when we went to TK and I was playing Sar again, who fits like a comfortable pair of old trackpants.

So obviously, raiding with a cold and no sleep is not always the best idea! Especially if its on a character you are not as familiar with. However, I am sure that you could have already told me all this! Now, I am sure that you guys might have even funnier, or more horrific raid stories to tell. Spill!!

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