Now to save for epic flight form at 70!

Edit: Those of you that know me may find it amusing that I intend to save for Swift Flight Form on Hermia when Sar is still chugging round on her Ebon Gryphon. Well, there’s a couple of (what I believe to be) perfectly good reasons for that! A) Sar is a filthy money grabber anyway, who keeps robbing Hermia for stuff like potions and food. Psh. Hungry whiny lock. B) Hermia is a gatherer, and I need to race everyone to get to those herbs! Including Kalf, the stinky herb hog! Can you believe the other day when we were questing, he fully expected to get BOTH the terocone spawns where we were since he said ‘dibs’? Greedy guts. C) I am a vain creature at times, and Flight Form is nowhere near as pretty as Swift Flight Form. People are already poking fun at my dull feathers.

3 Responses to “I can fly, I can fly, I can fly!!”
  1. Kalfurion says:

    Ahem, I believe I called shotgun, not “dibs”.

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  2. Congrats! :-) I felt like that with my main when I first bought her flying mount.

    Shotgun still doesn’t count!!!

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  3. Thanks for the congratulations :)

    And Kalf…. bite me (since it’s you, I do have to put the clause ‘not literally’!)

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