Alot of people on my server have been commenting on the difficulty in getting a 5 man run going. We used to have difficulty getting regular runs going, but there was always interest in a heroic. Since badges have become substantially easier to come by now through Kara runs and the like, no one wants to run many heroics anymore (apart from the occasional MgT run, because everyone wants the mount!). I think the new dailies have also had something to do with this – most people I know have basically scheduled play time, and having dailies to cram in to this as well eats alot of it up – people just don’t have the time anymore to do 5 mans in amongst all the other farming and questing they need to do. Have other people noticed this phenomenon on their own servers? Or is this just something that seems to be happening on Cenarius?

Oh, and by the way? I manage to fit in the time by not doing all those new dailies. Sure, I am always low on gold… but I manage to make enough cash to get me by the old fashioned way, and I don’t enjoy questing. Why spend my limited time in the game doing something I clearly do not enjoy?

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