It is often contended in the warlock channel of my guild exactly what the value of being hit capped is. Just as a brief summary:

  • Warlock hit cap is 202 (giving 16% chance for spells to hit)
  • There will always be a 1% chance for spells to miss or partially miss, so there is no use in going over the hit cap
  • The Affliction talent Suppression increases the chance for Affliction spells to hit the target by 10%

Now, the cause of the debate is whether this means that all affliction locks should only aim for 76 hit (which is the maximum you need with suppression). However, the talent Suppression does not cover shadowbolts or incinerates, as these are destruction spells. If you are still using shadowbolts and/or incinerates (and I hope you are!) then these spells will still have a great chance to miss. No matter what your spec is, shadowbolts should still comprise a large amount of your damage. If you do not have the 202 hit cap, then potentially a large percentage of this damage is missing the target, lowering your overall raid DPS.

So – all cheer for being hit capped! And try your best not to be over capped :)

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