A little while ago, the lovely people of Aetherial Circle lost a good friend of theirs, Sharvan. You might all be familar with the people of Aetherial Circle since alot of WoW bloggers come from that guild. I just wanted to put the word out that BRK has dedicated the Running of the Bulls event that they are holding to Sharvan’s memory. Sounds like a great deal of fun, and from what I can gather, the more the merrier. I know that I personally will be late for/skipping that days raid (hopefully) to make this run. I even have Tauren Saresa (a somewhat confused female named male Tauren) all ready for the run!

Also, BRK has put a PayPal portal (or whatsmicallit) on his blog for people to donate and help Sharvan’s family with the costs of the funeral. Feel free to donate please :)

We are all with you AC, and we are sorry for your loss. Although we may not have known Sharvan, we can all feel sympathy for such a tragic passing.

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