Well I have to make my way off to uni very shortly, so this is just a fast one. On my guild forum we were discussing warlock spell rotation, and I mentioned that my general rotation is:

  • Curse of Shadows (‘cos thats my job in the raid… soloing/5mans – CoA)
  • Immolate
  • Shadowbolt x 4 or 5 (I think its 4!)
  • Conflagrate
  • Rinse ‘n’ repeat (use common sense here – don’t renew CoS!:P)

Now one of the locks mentioned that I could up my DPS my about 100 if I abolished conflag out of my rotation. I can’t figure out in my head how this works precisely (The damage produced from a conflagrate is comparable to a shadowbolt in my opinion, ‘specially when I get pretty crits… but it is instant cast). I never cast conflagrate until the timer on immolate is down to less than one second either, so I am not wasting immolate ticks.

Anyone have any ideas on this one?

One Response to “Just a fast one”
  1. Chaoticz says:

    Hi, it’s true, abolishing conflag will contribute to your dps. The global cooldown time is devastating and crit or no crit, your fire will not compare to an isb shadowbolt.

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